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Advice and information are the most important prerequisites for your vacation for us. Paddling and cycling is nothing exotic, but neither is a retort vacation. If you have any questions: All summer offers can be combined.

We are the organizers and have personally set up all trips, scouted out canoe routes, tested bike routes, selected accommodations. Summer vacation begins in our forest camp Laajalahti, far away from big cities.

Arriving by train, flight, ferry, hotels, we advise you! Yksi, kaksi, kolme… Our tour guides and the camp crew speak German. German or English is spoken at the bike tour accommodations.

is for everyone!
You do not need any previous knowledge! (You can swim, can’t you?)
After a short familiarization, canoeing becomes relaxation, recreation, even meditation.

are 2- or 3-seater and have a payload of around 400 kg. Canadians, which are moved with a paddle, are robust, directionally stable hiking boats that offer enough storage space for equipment. Air tanks make them unsinkable and especially give the inexperienced a feeling of security. Kayaks have closed storage spaces and foot controls.

is packed watertight in bins or DryBags, remaining
is deposited in the camp. Details will follow with the travel documents.

come from the box
and consist of non- perishable food and fresh food. Hearty dishes can be prepared with natural supplements.
Provision list

Pocket money
Canoeing holidays are easy on the holiday budget – or what do you think you have to buy in nature?
In addition, prices have fallen in Finland since joining the EU.

is the land of tens of thousands of lakes, endless forests, clear air and clean waters.
This landscape is particularly typical in the Saimaa Lake District, in the south-east of the country. The dominant color of the Saimaa map is blue, because over a quarter of the 53,000 square kilometers consist of a labyrinth of large and small bodies of water, narrow passages, rivers, bays and headlands.
Where else do 33,000 islands and 50,000 km of shoreline interlock in such a way, do infinite forests of pine, birch and spruce seem to be scattered into the water without any regularity?
The canoe routes lead through easily paddled waters without significant currents and mandatory land transport.

Continental currents ensure that southeast Finland reaches the highest average temperatures in Scandinavia in summer. The shallow lakes warm up quickly.

Being a guest in Finland
means meeting helpful people. Of course we respect the local customs; We at FinnActiveTravel cover our needs locally: we buy our provisions in Finland, use the local infrastructure such as cafes, taxis, bus companies, retailers.

In Scandinavia, everyone’s right
means that everyone is allowed to enter the forest and fields without hindrance, look for mushrooms and berries, navigate rivers and lakes with boats and bathe in them. It goes without saying that this right also entails obligations: waste and noise are to be avoided as well as unnecessary destruction. Private property must be respected.

Camp Laajalahti
In the heart of the Saimaa Lakes, 13 km south of / is a 4-hour drive from Helsinki (320 km).
There is free parking for customers in the camp. ( There are no riverside parking spaces for campers! )
For train / bus travelers, there is a bus transfer from Mikkeli train station or Lappeenranta airport directly to the camp on request.

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How do I get to Camp Laajalahti?

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