General Information

Advice and information are, in our view, the most important prerequisites for your holiday. Paddling and cycling are nothing exotic, but these activities are different from the normal package holiday. Send your questions to:
All products of the summer program can be combined.

Tour Operator
We have personally developed all our products. We have explored canoeing and cycling routes and have chosen suitable accommodation. Your summer holiday takes off in our forest camp Laajalahti, far away from big cities.

Getting there
Train, plane, ferry, hotels, we help you.
Yksi, kaksi, kolme…
Our tour guides and the camp crew speak German and English. Language of communication at the accommodations during the cycling tours is English or German.

Paddling is suitable for everyone. You need no prior knowledge. However, you have to know how to swim, of course. After learning the canoeing basics, paddling becomes recreation, relaxation, and even meditation.

We have 2 and 3 seater canoes with approximately 300 kg payload. Indian Canoes are robust, they offer enough storage space for the equipment and, due to the 3 keels, it is easy keep them in a steady direction. Due to the built-in air tanks they are unsinkable and provide the inexperienced canoeist with a feeling of safety. Our kayaks have separate storage space and are steered by the feet.

During the ‘Canoe Safari’, your luggage is stored in waterproof plastic barrels, your travel luggage will be stored in the camp. Details about this will be sent to you with you travel documents.

Provisions are stored in ‘catering boxes’ and consist of non- perishable food and fresh-products. With supplements from nature, tasty meals can be prepared. Fresh products.

Pocket money
Canoeing is good for you holiday budget – what do you have to buy when you are in the middle of nature. In addition, prices in Finland have been falling since EU accession.

Finland is the country of the thousand lakes, vast forests, fresh air and clean lakes and rivers. Especially in the Saimaa Lake District in the south-eastern part of the country this type of landscape is typical. The dominant colour of a map of the Saimaa region is blue as over on quarter of the 53000 square kilometres consists of a labyrinth of large and small lakes, narrow passages, rivers, bays and peninsulas. Where else do 33000 islands and 50000 km shoreline merge and endless forests alternate with beautiful lakes? The canoe routes are situated in waters that have no strong currents, making paddling an easy affair – transport over land is not necessary on the circular routes.

The continental climate means that Finland achieves the highest mean summer temperatures in Scandinavia. The shallow lakes warm up quickly.

To be a guest in Finland means to meet helpful people. We, of course, respect the local customs. We also buy food and equipment locally and use the local infrastructure such as Cafes, Taxis, Bus companies and retailers.

Everyman’s right
This means that everybody in Scandinavia has the right to ramble in the forests, collect mushrooms and berries, to boat on and swim in the lakes and rivers. It is obvious that these rights are also connected with duties: rubbish and noise nuisances have to be avoided as well as unnecessary destruction in the nature. Private property is to be respected.

Camp Laajalahti
The camp is right at the centre of the Saimaa Lake District, 13 km south of Puumala and a 4 hours car drive away from the capital Helsinki (320km). For the guests there is free car parking available. For guests arriving with the train from Helsinki there is a bus transfer available on sundays from the station in Mikkeli to the camp.

Bus transfer for rail passengers
On Sundays between the train station Mikkeli and Camp Laajalahti (has to be reserved in advance).
Return ticket: 55,- € p. P. Additional transfers on request. Departure from Mikkeli 2:00 pm, arrival at Mikkeli 10:00 am. Train timetable available at


Additional information available at